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How to volunteer
If you are already a registered consignor and want to volunteer, log into your account and select your volunteer shift. If you are not a
registered consignor (and do not want to consign) but still want to volunteer,
register to volunteer only. Volunteer shifts are 4 hours long and
anyone can volunteer including spouses, friends, and family members. Unfortunately, you may not bring anyone to your volunteer shift.
Please do not bring children to your volunteer shift. Also, you may not bring anyone to the Private Sale. However, if you sign up for two
volunteer shifts, you may invite a friend to the Private Sale. If you sign up and are not able to fulfill your shift, please give us 24 hours notice
so we can find a replacement.

Volunteer shifts
set up
Unload and set up racks and tables. Hang signs and more to get ready for the sale.
drop off
Conduct quality assurance of consignors' merchandise. Once items are accepted, volunteers will help distribute the
items on the sales floor in the appropriate sections.
private sale prep
Make final adjustments to sales floor prior to Private Sale. Tasks include set up check-out area, double check clothes
for sizing issues, make sure everything is in its place and grouped appropriately on the sale floor.
Remove sale tags off all items for checkout, bag merchandise and assist shoppers. Also monitor the sales floor for
items out of place.
break down
Gather and prepare each consignors merchandise for pick-up after the sale is over. This includes sorting through all
unsold sale items and putting them in the appropriate consignors pick up piles. Break down racks and tables.
pick up
Help consignors pick up their unsold merchandise at the end of the sale. Not all consignors will pick up their
merchandise. Monitor the sales floor to ensure no merchandise is picked up or taken mistakenly and assist
consignors in the removal of their unsold items.
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spread the word
1st time expecting moms
All 1st Time Expecting Moms are invited to shop the Children's Event Private Sale! >> register here
Qualified PowerConsignors attend the Private Sale. Want to be a PowerConsignor? Simply, consign 150 items for the Children's Sale.
Help us spread the word about our event through television, radio, magazines, newspapers, blogs, facebook, twitter, newsletters, web
sites, clubs, groups, or any other forum and receive an invitation to our Private Sale.
Email us and we'll sort out the details.

CircleMint is seeking teachers to help spread the word about our events. Distribute our flyer in your school and shop the Private Sale.
Receive one pass to the Private Sale for each classroom in which you distribute flyers.
Register here as a teacher to shop the Private Sale.
contact us to receive flyers for distribution.

Have another idea for how you can help us spread the word?
Email us with your idea.
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